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Tower Hills

The town and region of Tower Hills are named for a line of defensive fortifications. These fortifications served as the first line of defense against wild and untamed lands that stretch far to the west of Tower Hills.

Tower Hills is the westernmost province in the kingdom of Oreth. Oreth is a propserous kingdom, but civilization lies far to the east of Tower Hills.

Those who live here are accustomed to a rough life. Frequent raids by bandits, monsters, and all sorts of evil were once common.

Recently a party of powerful heroes made their way through tower hills. Their comings and goings were the most talked about event in years. The heroes did something out west, beyond the tower hills. They found an ancient evil fortress and slew some great evil being.

Overnight the region of Tower Hills has been transformed. The once wild border kingdom has become almost peaceful. Now rumors are spreading of unclaimed lands to the west of the Tower Hills, and treasure that waits to be claimed.

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