The region of Tower Hills

This is a campaign set in a border region known as Tower Hills. Tower Hills is set on the eastern border of the prosperous kingdom of Ryn. Up until recently it was a dangerous place to live. Beasts, monsters, and bandits used to thrive in the wild lands east of the tower hills.

Recently, a party of powerful heroes swept into the region. They led an army eastward, beyond the tower hills. They scattered bandit tribes and cleared monster dens. Rumors swirl about what they actually were after in the wild lands. Many believe they were after the treasure of a powerful wizard. Some say they were seeking the treasure of a dragon. Whatever they did their actions have dramatically changed the lives of the people in the tower hills.

Now, the lands around the tower hills are more peaceful than they have been in generations. New rumors are are being heard about unclaimed riches in the lands to the east.

Tower Hills